Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM uses multiple matrices to identify, attract and increase retention of a profitable customer. It compiles structured information on customers across different channels of the company.

Zoho CRM lets you initiate multiple conversations across multiple channels. It provides you with a better control over customer relationship management and customer retention without breaking a sweat.

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Features and Benefits

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Faster, smarter and better sales

A great sales process automatically makes more sales. With an intuitive dashboard, Zoho CRM provides high-end sales automation through advanced workflows and reporting.

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Enterprise Ready

Zoho CRM is enterprise-ready. It keeps the data safe and secure in its state-of-the-art data centres around the globe. The uptime guarantee and other advanced features like IP blacklisting and audit logs keep everyone on your team responsible.

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Better sales and improved business

Zoho enables you to identify the right and profitable leads for your business. Zoho CRM’s blueprint ensures that every member of your sales team is executing the sales processes in the right way. The new artificial intelligence powered sales assistant – Zia- helps you automate your macros and workflows.

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Zoho CRM provides multichannel support and lets you connect with potential clients and leads on email, phone, chat, through social media and in-person. The advanced features of Zoho CRM like email analytics and visitor tracking helps you keep better control over opportunities.

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Extendable and customizable

Zoho CRM is customizable, the way you want it. You can integrate Zoho with a range of business tools and third-party apps. It can also be easily integrated with Google apps.

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Comprehensive insights

Zoho provides a complete overview of everything keeping track of all activities, choices, preferences etc. This centralized database leads to more automated and streamlined process in business.

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