Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense is conversion rate optimization (CRO) and A/B testing platform used by businesses to boost their website’s conversion rates. The tool gives you visibility over what your visitors see in your websites. This insight helps you identify any issues in their experience when navigating around your site and fix them immediately. Identifying which page has many site drop-offs is also available.

You can track website metrics with Goals, and Funnel Analysis; analyze visitor behavior with Form Analytics, Heatmaps, and Session Recording; optimize your website’s conversion rates with A/B Tests. It lets you see the clicking patterns and mouse movements of your site visitors to analyze their online behavior. You can then optimize your website by placing the right elements, layout, and format in effective areas.

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Features and Benefits

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Track your key website metrics

Add goals, monitor the clicks on your CTAs and design elements. Build a conversion funnel to see which pages cause significant drop off.

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Optimize your website for conversion

Test, learn, optimize, and repeat. Still caught in the top vs bottom fold debate? A/B test and see what works better for your business. Experiment with different page layouts, site elements, images, texts, colors, and more.

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Engage with every visitor

Your customers are your best critics. Create and run on-site and in-app polls to gather customer feedback so you can give them what they want. Send trigger-based push notifications to strategically re-target visitors and boost engagement.

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Analyze your visitor's behavior

With heatmaps, identify the parts of your website that instantly grab your visitors’ attention. Use session recordings to get video playback of visitor interaction with your website in real time.

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Personalize user experiences

Every visitor is unique, so their experience on your website should be too. Offer a personalized website experience for your visitors based on their preferences.

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Integration with various Zoho and third-party applications is just a click away. Get a unified view of your website data and make more informed marketing decisions.