Zoho Survey

Create your survey in minutes. Reach your audience on every device. View results graphically and in real-time. With over 25 question types, and features like skip logic and piping, you can design your perfect survey. Spruce it up to suit your brand and style with customizable themes.

Intuitive And Easy To Learn Interface

The Zoho Survey User Interface is designed to be simple to use. Select the type of question you want, type the question, pick the answers – done. Need to edit, or move questions about all can be done with a simple click. The learning curve with Zoho Survey is remarkable quick as the interface is very intuitive.

Update Forms

Create a Zoho Survey that integrates with Zoho CRM so that when a survey is submitted, the Zoho CRM records are updated. Use this to gather information prior to an initial consultation or validate that the customer record / details are still correct. Zoho Survey can populate fields in your Zoho CRM with more options than a traditional web form.

Create Logical and Clutter Free Surveys

Using branching and logic only display questions that are relevant to the user based on their previous answer. Ask questions based on previous answers. Personalise survey questions by feeding answers from previous questions into the next question.

Collect Response From The Sources You Need

Distribute your survey via email, a web page or social media (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google+). generate a QR code that can be used on printed media to scan and access the survey. Zoho Survey is designed to be automatically optimised for the smaller screen – mobile friendly. Offline? No internet connect? No problem. Zoho Survey has an offline mode that allows you to gather responses on a PC, Tablet or Phone to be uploaded when an internet connection is available.

Integration With Zoho CRM.

Personalise your surveys by integrating with Zoho CRM. See which surveys have been sent, or responded to at Contact level within your Zoho CRM. Review an individuals response from within Zoho CRM. Send or distribute surveys to your CRM contacts, pulling information from the CRM to automatically populate the Survey.